Jacob Householder is a senior at Brigham Young University–Idaho studying Financial Economics. He was raised in Mesa, Arizona and spent two years volunteering for his church in the Fort Collins, Colorado area.

Jacob currently serves as the Director of International Outreach for the Columbus Center for Constitutional Studies, as the Director of the Restoration Generation, and as Director of the Restoration Generation Events Committee in putting on the Healing of America Conference. In addition to his work with the Columbus Center, Jacob has spent the past year working as a consultant to over a hundred small businesses on automated marketing campaign strategies. He is a researcher and has helped with various research projects, such as the Harvard Divinity School’s Religious Literacy Project.

During the winter semester of 2018, Jacob took a class called Social Innovations through the BYU-Idaho business school and was deeply moved by what he learned about how to change the world. This conference is an application of much of what he learned from that class, and he hopes to encourage others to take the same course.

Jacob believes that America has been given a rare gift and opportunity, the liberty that allows each person to be the authors of their own fate. He believes that with this gift, God has placed in us a sacred trust–the responsibility to learn how to successfully practice self-government and to set an example for the rest of the world. Jacob also believes that we must lead the world by the virtue of our own example and through persuasion. He is convinced that this conference will be a small seed through which we can eventually heal the soul of our nation.

Jacob believes that America is worth saving, and that our nation can be healed as Americans learn to better appreciate and serve one another. He believes that classical liberalism and conservatism are complementary strengths, not incompatible opposites, and that every citizen should seek to appreciate and emulate the virtues of both philosophies. He hopes this conference will teach attendees how to avoid political tribalism and to listen more and talk more effectively with others about our diverse beliefs.

Jacob is the oldest of 7 and his family currently lives in Queen Creek, Arizona.

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