Robert N. Tonks is a non-profit administrator and teacher. He is currently the director of university relations and marketing for the Research and Business Development Center, small non-profit located in Rexburg, Idaho that is focused on providing undergraduate students with meaningful work experience. He also teaches social innovation as an adjunct faculty member at the local university. Rob is a native of Idaho from Idaho Falls. He has a variety of experiences in the social impact space. In addition to his professional experience, he has been a board fellow on a non-profit board, an intern for an impact investing center, and a student leader for a social venture program. He also currently involved in co-founding a new non-profit to provide youth development services to his local community. Additionally, he is exploring an opportunity to co-found a socially minded for-profit company that offers products that are natural remedies for common health ailments.


Rob feels a deep desire to help make the world a better place a loves being able to share the principles of social innovation. Prior to his work in the social impact space, Rob was a licensed architect in Montana. He is delighted to be an interdisciplinary professional who draws from a wide skill set. He earned his bachelor and master degrees in architecture from the University of Idaho. He later completed an MBA with a minor in social innovation from the Marriott School of Business at Brigham Young University. Rob is happily married to Debi, and they are the delighted parents of five children. He enjoys spending time outdoors including gardening, hiking, and camping. He also loves cooking for family and friends.

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