Constitutional Scholarship

We teach the Constitution from the viewpoint of the Founding Fathers and encourage communities to be informed of the nature of rights and government.

Members of the Restoration Generation consider the U.S. Constitution an inspired document and believe that freedom is a rare gift from God that has been granted to America along with great expectations. The Restoration Generation is working to inform the rising generation of both the rights and associated duties that accompany citizenship in the United States. It is incumbent upon us to understand the “freedom formula” espoused in the Constitution.

Civil Public Discourse

We promote civil discourse as a key aspect of harmonious society. The best solutions are always discovered in a climate of civility and mutual respect. We avoid political tribalism and emphasize the strengths and valuable contributions of all members of our communities.

Classical liberalism and conservatism complement one another. They are not incompatible opposites. Rather, they are unique strengths that emphasize different honorable priorities. Conservatives and liberals who truly listen work together will ultimately become better people through it.

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Social Innovation

We encourage Americans to be actively engaged in social innovation and to promote solutions that address the root causes of Americas greatest problems.

According to the Social Innovation Generation (SIG), social innovation is the “result of the intentional work of people trying to make positive change by addressing complex problems at the roots.”

Social innovation is the heart and soul of classical liberalism. Root Cause Analysis is allowing us to identify tangible solutions to the America’s greatest problems. The Restoration Generation believes that everybody can make a positive impact.

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