Volunteer with the Restoration Generation

The Restoration Generation Events Committee is looking for volunteers to help plan, prepare for, and run the Healing of America Conference and other associated events, such as the VIP Dinner, and the HOA Concert. Volunteers of all talents and availabilities are welcome to help according to your capacity!

We are currently looking for volunteers marketing and event volunteers:

Event Logistics Crew


Video Technicians

Involvement Reps

For answers to volunteering questions, please contact our director or volunteer coordinator:
Jacob Householder, Conference Director, at jacob@columbuscenter.org
Alexis Izatt, Volunteer Coordinator, at alexis@columbuscenter.org

Marketing Booths

Click below to sign up for one or more marketing booth shifts! Shifts are typically 1 hour long, but you’re more than welcome to sign up for several times! Contact us with any questions.

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